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Essay about Technology

The usual problems that we all go through when we are students are to do our home works and write essays as a requirement. However, the harder part of such activity is to identify the topic to discuss as well as selecting the proper methodology to present argument concisely and systematically. Along with this problem, writers would certainly get stuck in the process of writing an essay especially when he only has a limited knowledge on a certain topic. Let us say mechanical engineers writing a theoretical paper on cloning. This would certainly blow his mind off as he only has a subtle grasp on the matter. To make things easier, there are several writing companies that provide custom writing services. These companies provide people with great convenience as it enables one to save the time of writing difficult task of writing.

Essay Writing on Modern Technology

Technology refers to a collection of techniques that provides a better alternative to solve problems and do human tasks easier. In this context, it is the current state of humanity’s knowledge of how to combine resources to produce desired amount and quality of products, to fulfill and satisfy human needs and wants which include technical methods, skills, processes, techniques, tools and raw materials. Modern technology, on the other hand, is technological breakthroughs in the recent century that are far more advanced in terms of scientific structure and procedure. To keep pace with the constant change in technology, writing essay about technology is one of the main activity that you can do.

In the last century, science and technology have made tremendous progress. Modern technology has greatly impacted the lives and development of humans as well as enjoyed great conveniences from them. Others, however, consider human life to have been better without the presence of complex technology. More opinions on the positive aspects of technology in human lives outweigh the negative ones. Modern technology helps people in discovering their hidden talents. They create apps and on the internet construct blogs and sites. With modern technology, human lives will never be the same.

Advantages of modern technology:

  • Easy access to information. Those who are successful with innovative gadgets as tablets, iPhone, iPad’s in accessing information and they use it well.
  • Advanced communication. Modern technology has blessed us with advanced communication technology tools like Instant text messaging applications like Viber, Messenger and social networking applications like Facebook, as well as emails, mobile phones, etc.
  • The convenience of traveling. Long distances can be covered within few minutes or hours by the use of modern transportation technology.
  • High-quality education. Technology in education plays an important role in improving the educational skills, this is manifested through the use of computers and smart boards.
  • Improved entertainment. A great role in transforming the entertainment industry has been assumed by modern technology. Look at video games, good music to listen to and visual systems like smart Televisions.
  • Health industry revolution. Modern technology has been implemented by most hospitals in surgical rooms, medical equipment, and X-rays.

Do’s and Don’Ts in Essay Writing on Technology

As you write your essay, remember all these dos and don’ts in mind. If you want the most effective and efficient way to write essays, seek the help from quality resources offered by professional services.

  • Do – Take time to completely understand what is being asked of you by thoroughly reading the prompt. The essay you write must be specified on the topic given. The main aspect here is to understand what exactly you are asked to write about.
  • Do – Pay attention to commas. Understand when you should use commas and when not to. At the same time, write your essay and read it in your mind. Identify where the need to pause at a specific point like you are supposed to read it aloud and that’s the place where you include a comma.
  • Do – If you are using lots of examples in your essay, only give specific ones. Essays do not have a place for unclear and hypothetical examples. You can find good examples of current events, history, literature, and other sources. You can include your specific personal experiences that would increase effectiveness if they would support your essay. You can choose a maximum of 3 examples in your essay to make it most effective.
  • Do – Complete your essay on time leaving extra moments for proofreading. While checking your completed essay, look for errors committed on capitalization, missing words, punctuation, verb-subject agreement, and verb tenses.
  • Don’t – Essays are not written in the first person unless it includes a personal anecdote. Stick to the third person and refrain from using phrases such as “I think”, “according to my opinion”,  “I believe presume” and so on.
  • Don’t – Do not be redundant by repeating a point more than once in the essay. After stressing a strong point, just continue.
  • Don’t –Long sentences should never be used in an essay. for SAT students. Your sentences must be fresh and smart. Long sentences will confuse your reader and they will lose track of your ideas. See that every flows easily with the correct verbs and main ideas. Be sure that sentences are not fragmented.
  • Don’t – Do not introduce a new idea in the concluding paragraph to allow your essay to flow smoothly throughout. Concluding paragraph is the place to restate strongly using innovations and fresh new language. End your essay using an impressive parting idea following the effective reassertion of the examples stated in your essay.

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